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Young Stitch "Canada's next Hip-Hop Sensation" -ET Canada, Aug - 2011
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Hailed as "Canada's Next Hip-hop Sensation" by ET Canada, Pickering native, "Young Stitch" is on the verge of a lustrous career in the world of hip hop.

At the age of 11 he started his own record label Sentral Soldiers Entertainment, and has engineered and produced mix-tapes of classic hip-hop tunes ever since. His music has garnered praise from hip hop legends, underground hip-hop artists and enthusiasts alike.

At 17, Stitch caught the ear of Hip Hop legend B-real of Cypress Hill. Hand-picked from thousands of rappers from around the world, Stitch was now in the company of the world`s "cream of the crop." He was "harvested" and flown out to LA to record a single for B-Real`s 2010 release, "The Harvest."


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He is known for his energetic live shows and has performed to sold-out audiences at the Mod Club and the Opera House in Toronto, opening up for Machine Gun Kelly, Tech N9ne, Hoodie Mack, Joell Ortiz, Chris Webby, R.A The Rugged Man, Killah Priest and Canibus. At 21 years of age he has developed into a prolific writer with a mature lyrical style and has penned over 1000 songs. His co-write “Free The Children”, has been performed with The Tenors at “We Day” in Toronto and Seattle before a crowd of 40,000 people and a future recording is planned with A-list guest artists.


Young Stitch Vs. Official Red Young Stitch Vs. Official Red Young Stitch Vs. Tiggz Young Stitch Vs. Tiggz Young Stitch Vs. Fingaz Young Stitch Vs. Fingaz
Young Stitch/Syco Vs. Mumbles/King Fly Young Stitch/Syco Vs. Mumbles/King Fly Young Stitch Vs. Q Shinobi Young Stitch Vs. Q Shinobi Young Stitch/Payday Vs. Notez/Bulle Young Stitch/Payday Vs. Notez/Bulle

His lyrics are laced with intelligence, spit with a whip-like delivery, and are laid over a fusion-bed of underground hip-hop with crossover appeal. Blending Hip Hop with elements of classical music, world beat, rock and dance, Stitch`s versatility is undeniable. From the radio friendly arena rock anthem Party Hardy, to the retro club sounds of Deranged, Stitch is a force to be recognized. He is a no-nonsense musician, dedicated to making the best music possible.



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